We have over
35 years of experience in injection moulding

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Experience + ambition
= smart and profitable production

In 1972, Verktygsteknik began its manufacture of moulding tools. Our operations have expanded since then and we can now deliver finished products that have been injection moulded on our own premises in moulds that have been produced exactly to our specifications.

Planning and design of our tooling are still carried out in Kungälv, but the tools are made in China. The close collaboration with our Chinese supplier is now 10 years old. So that we can rapidly adjust and service our machines without long production stops, we have our own workshop next to our manufacturing facility.

Besides subcontract manufacture of injection moulded goods, Verktygsteknik also manufactures and sells a series of its own in-house designed hunting tools.

By drawing on our extensive experience and combining this with our high quality requirements and an ambition to be always at the cutting edge as regards knowledge of plastics and technologies, we put every effort into ensuring that our customers have the best possible conditions for profitable and stable production.


The tooling department deals with enquiries and develops prototypes and finished tooling for injection moulding.

The workshop in Kungälv handles adjustment and repair of our tooling. This means we can rapidly modify or mend tooling without unnecessary production stops.

The plastics department has 17 injection moulding machines offering clamping forces of 40 – 275 tonnes.

The assembly department undertakes assembly, packaging and delivery of complete, finished products.

About us in brief

When:    1972

Who:    Thomas Persson, CEO

How many:   22 employees

Where:     Kungälv

Quality: ISO 9001

Verktygsteknik AB | Box 528 | 442 15 Kungälv, SWEDEN | Phone +46(0)303-185 30

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